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KAPSAN Furniture and Accessories Company, which started in 2001, has been growing design, production and marketing day by day in 6000 m2 facility. KAPSAN,  closely follows up trends in the furniture world with innovative and dynamic structure and continues to increase international market share.Kapsan carries effectiveness in the furniture sector further with exports to more than 30 countries.


The quality is hidden in details


Since establishment, KAPSAN has progressed by adding all experiences to understanding of quality, keeping long-lasting and durable furniture legs as primary goal and also defended the importance of the concept of quality not only in the product but also in all stages including respect for design, service and ecological values. KAPSAN which is always one step ahead of competitors in the furniture and furniture accessories sector with investments in R&D, technology and human resources, gives confidence to all own partnerships with its EN ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.

About us

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The things that we do not give up!

to provide high level customer satisfaction by quality, competitive price and compliance with deadline


continuous improvement with planned training in total quality management


providing the collective participation of  employees to quality management and also make them proud.


to ensure the quality, sustain the processes according to laws and legislation.

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